Studies, further training

University courses

  • Bachelor of Chemistry (University of Debrecen, Diploma No: 4478/2014/TT)

  • Master's of Chemistry (University of Debrecen, Diploma No 329/2017/TT )

  • Master's degree in chemistry, diploma in secondary school chemistry teaching (University of Debrecen, diploma number: 857/2020/TT)

Doctoral studies

  • Eszterházy Károly Catholic University Doctoral School of Education (2022-2026)
  • PhD student
  • Pedagogical research module

Specialist teacher examination

  • Specialist examination in Public Education Leadership (Kodolányi János University, Diploma No: O-KOZVPSZ-26/22)

  • Examination of Examination Chair Expert Teacher (Óbuda University 2023.)
  • Analyst-development specialist and teacher exam in curriculum supervision and teacher evaluation (University of Szeged 2024.)

Specialised and methodological training

  • Mentor teacher trainer (Certificate No: BP/0515/9/01)
  • Senior Expert in Public Education (Certificate No: BP/0515/9/14)
  • Head of a talent organisation for public education (Certificate No: BP/TFI0326//46/2022)
  • Pedagogical Measurement and Evaluation Specialist Teacher (Certificate No: E-OKL/163/2022)
  • Pedagogy of children with behavioural and conduct disorders, teacher with specialisation in methodology (Certificate No: BP/TFI0326/19/2022)

  • Special Needs Education (SNI) Special Methods Teacher (Certificate No: BP/TFI0326/18/2022)

  • Teacher specialising in methodology in the field of family education and family law (Certificate No: BP/BTI-S-0901/15/2022)

  • Specialist teacher in new pedagogical methods and ICT-supported education (Certificate No: BP/BTI-S-0901/14/2022)
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